West Coast Swing Beginner Basics (Best 5) Steps to Start With? #4 Will Surprise You.

Don’t learn another pattern until you work on these 5 West Coast Swing Basics

Hey, My Cheeky Monkeys! Where you are tired of just slow dancing and now are a west coast swing beginner and want to be great social dancing your new favorite partner dance? Then focus on learning and improving the west coast swing basics that you learned at your ballroom dance studio. Heck, even if you don’t have a class to go to you can always search for “west coast swing videos youtube” or even search “west coast swing youtube lesson” to find the basic patterns and steps.

However, what are the first basics you should learn?

Well, that is a pretty easy one if you don’t over think it, but you will see some crazy things taught to beginners by people that don’t understand this dance. Just because they may be a dance teacher, can go online and learn the patterns, it does not mean they understand the dance.

My teacher required that me to dance and study WCS almost two years before my knowledge of both parts was good enough to start teaching it correctly and I had been a professional ballroom dance teacher and a competing pro for 15 years at that point. It was important that I understood this dance first.

Some say there 22 basics!! Wait, what? Yeah, I know. That’s a lot...


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