How to West Coast Swing Dance-We Need to Agree

Learning how to west coast swing dance is very forgiving and fun. It can be a challenge trying to remember all the West Coast Swing basics you are learning. Think of this as your beginners guide after you have learned the first five West Coast Swing basics for social dancing this awesome partner dance.

Be patient with yourself, the pay off of fun in this dance is HUGE!

Let’s grab a drink and I will explain.

Beginner west coast swing dancers get embarrassed to try something different. As new west coast swing dancer learning how to west coast swing dance you don’t want to mess up your partner. More experienced partners wish the other would bring more to the table than the same west coast basics.

Do this instead of learning a bunch of new patterns. Practice until you have at least five different versions of your basic five patterns. Yes, there can be more than five basics, but just start working with those. After you are finished, you will have twenty-five ways to do...


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