Improve Your West Coast Swing Connection (50% feel 50% technique)

April 15, 2018

Mastering (okay just improving) West Coast Swing Dance Connection Feel and Technique Hey kids!


The other day in class we worked on when social dancing, how improving the connection in the west coast swing dance will affect the relationship you are trying to create in your partner dance. It was discussed that at all levels and styles of dance it is about how well you can maintain a relationship through stretching and creating space through your centers.


There is a misconception about the best way to continue to improve your connection in west coast swing or for that matter any partner social dance. To become better at the connection is to understand how you are both always taking the center and head back while sending the frame and knees forward. Creating space can fix most problems in lead/follow or most any kind of relationship I am sure.


More advanced dancers are able to move and not affect the connection in the hands and still ...






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