Sugar Push. Let’s Commit Ladies! (4 Simple Ways To Make it AWESOME!)

April 8, 2018

Every time I watch ladies do a West Coast Swing sugar push in a room full of beginner dancers ( and not so beginner dancers)  I think, “Hmmmm and they say men have commitment issues.”

4 Simple easy ways to make your sugar push feel like a pro’s

However, before we talk about how, we should discuss why.

Why doesn’t my sugar push feel very good?

First just so we have the names correct.  Sugar push is what is it has been known as forever, push break is what some call it now.  We will just call it a sugar push…probably…

Feeling good in the sugar push takes some trust with your partner.  If you come in and don’t feel he is connecting then you are naturally going to back off the move a bit.  But that same guy will say “She doesn’t come forward on her push break.”  Duh, wonder why guy?

So I can’t always blame the follower especially if you were taught ...




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