Followers A Smoother Advanced Looking (Left Side) Passes

April 8, 2018

As a beginner West Coast Swing dancer, how do I look advanced and dance my left passes in West Coast Swing smoother?

Beginner West Coast Swing smoother left side passes were the what we worked on the other day with my novice followers (sorry men yours is covered in another article, but suggest you read this because so much of it applies to you as well).  How do I look smooth like an advance dancer when doing my passes?

In short, yeah…there is no in short with me, but we are assuming you already know your left side pass as a lady… or man.  Most teachers just teach the pattern and don’t really talk about how to dance it.  In the beginning that makes sense.  Also because a newer dancer most often does not understand how to separate the top half and the bottom half from each other so you need learn ...






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