6 Easy Partner Dancing Tricks That Guarantee Great Connection in West Coast Swing Dance

April 4, 2018

Ever dance and all you want to do is get your partner to smile and not appear to be bored?  Get them to think you are the best partner and feel like they would want to dance with you again? Be the best partner you can be with these 6 easy tips and tricks that are guaranteed great connection in west coast swing dance and to put a smile on your partners face.  

You probably have had that amazing dance where you walk away saying, “Okay, I am done.  I don’t need any other dances to make me happy.”  If you have not, you will.  It is because you had such a great connection on the inside and outside.  It is said, dancers like Robert Royston and Mark “The Marine” are some peoples favorite social partners.

Why?  Well, in short, they pay attention to their partner and everything the partner does.  Learning to dance is a conversation in a different language and if you do not know the other language ....




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