4 (Simple) Ways to Finding and Keeping That Damn Beat For The West Coast Swing Beginner

Most people have no problem finding the downbeat and keeping it in West Coast Swing as a beginner while listening to music tapping their foot to or drumming their hands on the steering wheel as they’re driving down the freeway grooving to the song. However, when it comes to applying it on the dance floor, in the beginning, it can be very challenging.

Dancing is what happens between the steps.

One of the most important aspects of our dance is the music. You do not need to have any special skill to move to music and if anyone tells you otherwise just smile and know that is crap!

We all have it in us. Even the most awkward of us dancing holding someone for the first time swaying back and forth, sweating profusely, and praying we don’t have any food in our braces. We did it. We got through a song and actually kept some sort of beat.

That was dancing!! No patterns, no tricks, ....

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