Are Walks Heel Lead or Toe Lead? Basic West Coast Swing “The Footwork Saga”

March 21, 2018


So which is correct?  Is the walk, walk footwork for the beginner dancer a heel lead or a toe lead in West Coast Swing?  The answer is Yes, it is.  Ugh, What?  Yes is the answer.  I am not being snarky, well I am always snarky but I am being honest with my answer.

I hear teachers say, ” Oh, in west coast swing it doesn’t matter if it is a heel lead or a toe on steps one two.”  and I want to say, “Seriously?” Of course, it may not matter but there has to be a reason why it would be one or the other.

I think if you are reading this then you know by now what the basic leg and or foot action is and we can choose to walk forward on the heel or the toe because you are an adult and can do what you want.  But you should understand how to approach the walk ....







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