Are West Coast Swing Patterns a Stupid Count?

March 10, 2018



The other day I was teaching a class and I had this question followed by a wonderful comment.  “Why does West Coast Swing have 6 and 8 count basics patterns?  That is just stupid!”

God bless this man for asking a great question!!!  He was a musician that just started dancing.  What he was talking about is even though the music is 4/4 time and the Basic West Coast Swing six count patterns don’t match up to the first beat of every measure, say like waltz does (meaning the one count of the patterns are one of the new measures).  He wanted to do another triple step to fill in those extra two counts and would be frustrated because ended up on the wrong foot.  I loved when he said, “It really hurts my brain when there are eight counts and only 6 beats”.  I get it! I really do.  It can be a brain f— if we let it get in the way.  But, does it really even ....





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