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             Welcome to The Ballroom of Reno! Here we dance for the love of the sport.  We are the first and only non-profit Ballroom dance school in Northern Nevada; founded on the belief that it doesn’t get better than a chance to dance.  We recognize that dance has something to offer everyone, and we’d like to prove it by getting all of northern Nevada moving their bodies and experiencing the difference dance can make.




Ballroom and social dancing is a partnership activity and in the spirit of partnership, we work hard to involve our members and clients in everything we do, creating a sense of community among those who enjoy and appreciate dancing. Here at The Ballroom of Reno, we go to great lengths to make dancers of all levels feel welcomed and comfortable as they learn this art form we feel so passionately about. Becoming a member of The Ballroom of Reno means discounts on private lessons and packages, free practice space and the ability to vote on board members after one year of membership.  Join us for a class and see what our addiction is all about!

Adopt a Dancer

The Ballroom of Reno is bringing the joy of movement to the Rising Stars of our community. Our fun and challenging curriculum provides students with the understanding and awareness of how body mechanics can enhance their success in dance, in sports, and in life. Dance classes are a great way for kids to interact with other kids, have fun, and stay fit! Through the Rising Stars Program students will have the opportunity to learn various social and ballroom dance styles, the history of the dances, explore musicality, and the mechanics of movement. These activities are not only a fun and healthy way for kids to participate in physical activities, they teach important lessons in team work, respect, and self-discipline.


Developing and cultivating a youth dance program is a long-term commitment that requires support and dedication from students, parents, and the community. The success of the Rising Stars Youth Dance Program is credited largely to our sponsors, who lend their names and financial support to the program. The money we raise goes to providing after school programs, summer programs, performance opportunities, and scholarships to the youth of this community.


We're counting on your support, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Dance Programs

Traditionally, ballroom dance refers to partnership dancing.  Ballroom dancing offers us three ways to enjoy the benefits and excitement of the sport. 


Overall we acknowledge that social, competition and exhibition ballroom dance are all driven by a love of partnered dance.  One way to choose which style is right for you is to understand your reasons for choosing the sport of dance, and knowing who you are dancing for. 


Social Ballroom is for your Partner.

Your partners want to interact with you, for fun, and to participate in patterns and figures that complement each of you.  This is a great choice for networking and socializing with other dancers.


Competitive Ballroom is for the Judges.

Judges want to see that the steps and styles are done well, with all of the technique and flair.  This is a hobby which many dancers become passionate about; enjoying the costumes, excitement of competition, and coaching.  You work one on one with another amateur partner or professional teacher to constantly learn and improve.   


Exhibition Ballroom if for an Audience.

Audiences want to be entertained, often with a preference for beautiful and impressive movements.  This is a great way to get lots of practice and enjoy the comradery of the other dancers in a performance team.  You get all of the enjoyment of performing, without the competitive venue. 


Social Dance



Take what you’re learning in class to the dance floor! The Ballroom of Reno offers a huge selection of music and dancing! Spice up your weekend with group classes followed by social dancing, snacks, and fun!



Our teaching techniques allow you to learn to dance with style in record time, have fun, and get fit as well. Our focus is to train you from the inside out using Natural Laws of Motion* to improve balance, alignment, centering and dynamic movement. We use creative techniques to optimize and improve your personal skills and understanding of dynamic movement and partnership.


Our classes focus on improving your alignment and movement analysis through each dance and pattern.  Our inside out perspective allows you to experience dance in a unique way that provides partnership and dynamic movement to even the newest dancers.  


Social Dance and DanceSport - Private Instruction:

At The Ballroom of Reno, our private lessons are a 50 minute oasis from the rest of the world.  Our curriculum focuses on the understanding of body mechanics and proper body movement and analysis through ballroom dance.  We are dedicated to the highest standards of training in the industry to ensure the success of each of our students, whatever their dancing goals may be.  We promise, you will find yourself looking forward to your next retreat from your daily routine at The Ballroom of Reno.




Intermediate classes continue where beginner classes leave off.. Knowledge of bronze syllabus and some dance experience is necessary.  From here the student progresses into more advanced patterns, begins using body actions, varying rhythms, and learning more about lead and follow. 


Our intermediate program allows dancers to progress to the next level of dance.  While you will learn many new and exciting patterns, our focus is on increasing each student’s understanding of body mechanics and their application to not only dance, but their everyday life.  Our intermediate DanceSport classes make you a dancer from the inside out.



We believe that the most beautiful thing about teaching the application of proper body mechanics through ballroom dance is that we can offer something to every single person in a crowded room. The Ballroom of Reno offers a unique opportunity to spend a few hours with top level instructors focusing on topics ranging from body mechanics to movement analysis to rotation in partnership.  Each month our workshops focus on something new that all of our students can benefit from.  Our workshops require advanced sign up, in order to offer the best experience possible for all of our participants.


Special Occasions


We offer customized packages to prepare you and your partner for that special moment when you know everyone’s watching. Perform to that special song with original choreography, technique and style. Delight the crowd with this original and memorable impression…and have fun along the way!


  • Wedding Dance

  • Quinceañera 

  • Debutante

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Prom/Graduation Party

  • Valentine's Day

  • Family Celebrations

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah


Meet Our Staff

 Our teaching staff is led by Jeffrey Lynn, a certified “Grand Master” in all styles through the Dance Visions (DIVIDA) organization. She was a professional competitor and has been a dance trainer for over 30 years. She has a biomechanics and kinesiology background and is an effective coach for all forms of dance, personal training and many other sports. Her vision, to enhance physical well-being of individuals through biomechanics and dance, leads our organization. 

Jeffrey Lynn Marchand

Jeffrey Munson

Erin Scully

Zak and Victoria

Matt Fries

Suzette Feilen

Amanda Tobey

Ben Haas

Sakae Warnke

Donny Lemmer

Nicole Taylor

Kelly Zahara

Seanna Cornelius

June Croucher

Breanna Kjoll

Chis Mikulich


Packages and Pricing

Private Lesson Specials

$39 Introductory Lessons*


Two Private lessons

Friday Group Class & Party    

BUY NOW...     


* Must be completed within 2 weeks of first lesson

* May only be purchased once per couple

* Available to new Private Lesson Students only

Tuition Prices
Level:  Instructor    

   20 Lessons----$65 per lesson

Single Lesson---$70 per lesson

Level:  Senior Instructor    

   20 Lessons----$70 per lesson

Single Lesson---$75 per lesson

Level:  Master Instructor    

   20 Lessons----$75 per lesson

Single Lesson---$80 per lesson

$199 Special**


Four Private Lessons

One Month of Group Classes & Dance Parties


** Must be completed within one month of first lesson 

** May only be purchased once per couple

Please contact us at (775) 624-3551 for additional information on private lesson pricing.  If you are a new private lesson student please call us.  Returning students may schedule a private lesson under "MY ACCOUNT" in the main menu.


Classes, Parties and Packages

Beginner Group Classes

All Beginner classes are at no charge. We encourage you to take the Beginner classes as many times as you want.


Beginner Class price:    $1-2 donation

                                          to cover the cost of the class

Monthly Group & Party Pack

Unlimited Group Classes at your level for a month and unlimited Parties for a month:     $125.00**

**Some Restrictions Apply


Group Classes

We offer series, syllabus classes, and intermediate classes for the more experienced dancers.



Drop in Group Class price:     $12.00

Seniors and Students:             $10.00*

*Some restrictions apply

Prepaid Dance Card

Good for 10 Group Classes or Parties:   $100.00**

**Some Restrictions Apply

 BUY NOW... 

Dance Parties

Drop in Dance Party price:         $12.00

Seniors and Students:                 $10.00*

*Some restrictions apply

Star Pupil Program

Attend all Beginner classes, those that request food item donations, for the month to receive a Private Lesson and all Group Classes and Ballroom Parties ($125 value) for the following month. 

You may Log In and pay for group classes under "MY ACCOUNT" in the main menu.

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