How to West Coast Swing Dance-We Need to Agree

Learning how to west coast swing dance is very forgiving and fun. It can be a challenge trying to remember all the West Coast Swing basics you are learning. Think of this as your beginners guide after you have learned the first five West Coast Swing basics for social dancing this awesome partner dance. Be patient with yourself, the pay off of fun in this dance is HUGE! Let’s grab a drink and I will explain. Beginner west coast swing dancers get embarrassed to try something different. As new west coast swing dancer learning how to west coast swing dance you don’t want to mess up your partner. More experienced partners wish the other would bring more to the table than the same west coast ba

What is the Best Social Dance to Learn if Want to Partner Dance? Try a West Coast Swing Dance

This may sound like a silly question, but I have new dancers ask often when they are starting, “I want to partner dance at a ballroom dance studio. What is the best social dance to start with?” Should you Ballroom dance, West Coast Swing dance, Country Swing dance, Argentine Tango? Geez, so many choices. Best advice for a new social dancer: First of all, we don’t find dance. Dance finds us. The fact that you are reading this shows you are new to partner dance and are excited by some of the dances you learned and each new one you learn becomes your new favorite. What dance to focus on? That depends on your favorite type of music. If you go to clubs or like to listen to country or top 40

Tired of Slow Dancing as your Social Dance? Want Confidence?

Learning How to Slow Dance If you are over the age of twelve and have never had a chance to social dance and actually slow dance or partner dance with someone it is because you have never been in a situation to ask or you have been too shy to take that leap and ask someone. That can be scary especially when you are young, shy or both. Just know it is okay for you to be shy. It is okay for you to be nervous. That can be worked on and remember beer has been helping men dance for years. (Just not too much though) When I go online and read someone writing stuff about teaching people how to slow dance as a social partner dance it makes roll my eyes roll a bit. When you read “If you want to master

Improve Your West Coast Swing Connection (50% feel 50% technique)

Mastering (okay just improving) West Coast Swing Dance Connection Feel and Technique Hey kids! The other day in class we worked on when social dancing, how improving the connection in the west coast swing dance will affect the relationship you are trying to create in your partner dance. It was discussed that at all levels and styles of dance it is about how well you can maintain a relationship through stretching and creating space through your centers. There is a misconception about the best way to continue to improve your connection in west coast swing or for that matter any partner social dance. To become better at the connection is to understand how you are both always taking the center a

Followers A Smoother Advanced Looking (Left Side) Passes

As a beginner West Coast Swing dancer, how do I look advanced and dance my left passes in West Coast Swing smoother? Beginner West Coast Swing smoother left side passes were the what we worked on the other day with my novice followers (sorry men yours is covered in another article, but suggest you read this because so much of it applies to you as well). How do I look smooth like an advance dancer when doing my passes? In short, yeah…there is no in short with me, but we are assuming you already know your left side pass as a lady… or man. Most teachers just teach the pattern and don’t really talk about how to dance it. In the beginning that makes sense. Also because a newer dancer most oft

Sugar Push. Let’s Commit Ladies! (4 Simple Ways To Make it AWESOME!)

Every time I watch ladies do a West Coast Swing sugar push in a room full of beginner dancers ( and not so beginner dancers) I think, “Hmmmm and they say men have commitment issues.” 4 Simple easy ways to make your sugar push feel like a pro’s However, before we talk about how, we should discuss why. Why doesn’t my sugar push feel very good? First just so we have the names correct. Sugar push is what is it has been known as forever, push break is what some call it now. We will just call it a sugar push…probably… Feeling good in the sugar push takes some trust with your partner. If you come in and don’t feel he is connecting then you are naturally going to back off the move a bit. But th

6 Easy Partner Dancing Tricks That Guarantee Great Connection in West Coast Swing Dance

Ever dance and all you want to do is get your partner to smile and not appear to be bored? Get them to think you are the best partner and feel like they would want to dance with you again? Be the best partner you can be with these 6 easy tips and tricks that are guaranteed great connection in west coast swing dance and to put a smile on your partners face. You probably have had that amazing dance where you walk away saying, “Okay, I am done. I don’t need any other dances to make me happy.” If you have not, you will. It is because you had such a great connection on the inside and outside. It is said, dancers like Robert Royston and Mark “The Marine” are some peoples favorite social partn

The Beginners Guide to Practicing By Yourself (Begin with these 6 Practice Tips) – Your Online Bette

Your swing moves don’t suck, but you still want a better social dance. You have been taking some classes and workshops and actually, practice them with people from class or learned some swing online about the connection from this awesome blog called Better West Coast Swing that’s online. You work on your skills, styling, timing, musicality, and movements. You feel you are not bad and your basic swing moves are coming along but you want to have more awesome social dances ...

4 (Simple) Ways to Finding and Keeping That Damn Beat For The West Coast Swing Beginner

Most people have no problem finding the downbeat and keeping it in West Coast Swing as a beginner while listening to music tapping their foot to or drumming their hands on the steering wheel as they’re driving down the freeway grooving to the song. However, when it comes to applying it on the dance floor, in the beginning, it can be very challenging. Dancing is what happens between the steps. One of the most important aspects of our dance is the music. You do not need to have any special skill to move to music and if anyone tells you otherwise just smile and know that is crap! We all have it in us. Even the most awkward of us dancing holding someone for the first time swaying back and fort

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