Hey Girls, Want Smoother More Powerful Better Whips? (6..no wait, 7 simple Things Can Do Today)

Hello ladies! When it comes to West Coast Swing dance and dancing smooth Swing dance moves like whips so many wonderful people that are following feel they don’t get a good connection or lead. In order to have a smoother more powerful whip, it relies on a lot of participation on the followers part and then the guy needs to know what the heck to do with it. Don’t worry ladies, I will be talking to them too. I follow too. I know what you are saying to yourself, but we can’t blame them, we can only give the best connection we can so we can feel what they ...

Posting? We Don’t Need No Stinking Posting in West Coast Swing Dance Moves! Yeah, Right!

Au contraire my beginning or not so beginning west coast swing dancer, posting in West Coast Swing dance moves are very important. I hear a lot of things that students tell me they were told in a workshop. 9 out of 10 of those are just misinterpretations of what was actually said. Years of bringing in my champion coaches to work with students in ballroom and west coast swing have taught me what is heard is not always said. With that being said, I actually heard a very well established pro once say, “We don’t post swing dance moves anymore.” I about doo dooed in my shorts. I just kept quiet and let them teach. Then when students would come up to me and ask about it, ...

What the Heck is a Three Toe Base in Beginner West Coast Swing?

What is a three toe base and how do we use it in West Coast Swing? The three toe base is not just for beginner West Coast Swing. It is really what we use in all dances that need to travel across the floor. It is used in all Ballroom dances, Latin dances and of course West Coast Swing. Have you ever wondered why the better dancers in West Coast Swing look smoother than everyone else? It is because they’re never just on one foot, they are transitioning from one foot to the other in a smooth movement allowing them to never be just on one foot at a time. This is easily accomplished by using ...

Are Walks Heel Lead or Toe Lead? Basic West Coast Swing “The Footwork Saga”

So which is correct? Is the walk, walk footwork for the beginner dancer a heel lead or a toe lead in West Coast Swing? The answer is Yes, it is. Ugh, What? Yes is the answer. I am not being snarky, well I am always snarky but I am being honest with my answer. I hear teachers say, ” Oh, in west coast swing it doesn’t matter if it is a heel lead or a toe on steps one two.” and I want to say, “Seriously?” Of course, it may not matter but there has to be a reason why it would be one or the other. I think if you are reading this then you know by now what the basic leg and or foot action is and we can choose to walk forward on the heel or the toe because you are an adult and can do what you

Are West Coast Swing Patterns a Stupid Count?

The other day I was teaching a class and I had this question followed by a wonderful comment. “Why does West Coast Swing have 6 and 8 count basics patterns? That is just stupid!” God bless this man for asking a great question!!! He was a musician that just started dancing. What he was talking about is even though the music is 4/4 time and the Basic West Coast Swing six count patterns don’t match up to the first beat of every measure, say like waltz does (meaning the one count of the patterns are one of the new measures). He wanted to do another triple step to fill in those extra two counts and would be frustrated because ended up on the wrong foot. I loved when he said, “It really hurt

Everything You Wanted to Know About a Followers Underarm Turn (You Just Didn't Know to Ask)

Doing an underarm turn in West Coast Swing as a beginner dancer seems easy. Heck, it is the same footwork as the left side pass and you read how to make it smoother and look more advanced and practiced for 3 minutes. The underarm turn is going to be a piece of cake…Mmmmmm…chocolate cake and some ice cr…Oh sorry, I drifted…You think and feel this is gonna be easy and it is…until you got with a dance partner. You line up with a partner in class. You each do the steps without using hands, you end up on the other side of the slot without running into him, ....

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